With a ‘wedding-to-do-list’ as long as your arm, start prioritising the important stuff straight away

Tom & Helen Festival Barn Wedding Sheffield-28Photography Credit // Kate Jackson //www.katejacksonphotography.co.uk

When it comes to planning a wedding, so many couples get carried away with what they’ll wear and what they’ll eat – when all that really matters is that you and your guests have a really good time. Why should you book your wedding dj before anything else? Because the memories of late night laughs with childhood friends and family members refusing to leave the dancefloor, will far outweigh whether you had three-tiered or four-tiered cake.

Although the added extras are lovely, the perfect recipe for a memorable day, consists of ample cocktails, a room full of friends and a heaving dance floor that goes on until the early hours of the morning. In order to make sure you don’t end up having to pull together a Spotify playlist or ask your mate stand in at the last minute, you need to book your wedding dj in advance.

Not that you need persuading, but we’ve put together 5 simple reasons why you should avoid a dance floor disaster and book us now.

1. You’ll get the big stuff out the way

Surprisingly neglected by some until the very last minute, music is up there with your choice of venue, dress and catering. If music is important to you – and if you have tracks that hold memories for you – get planning the soundtrack to your wedding. From your first dance, to the song that ended the night – everyone remembers the dancefloor antics at a wedding. (The final anthem – arms round loved ones, singing, crying, laughing…desperate for the dj to play just one more!)

Once you have these key factors in place, everything else is pretty manageable. Get your wedding dj booked early and you will have one more huge responsibility to check off your list.

wedding-photography-scotland 111Photography Credit // Sarah and Darren – The Hendrys // http://thehendrys.co

2. You’ll get the wedding dj you want

Great wedding djs get booked up fast (some over two years in advance for weddings in London and Ibiza). Avoid being left with sub-par options and book the dj you actually want. 68% of our wedding bookings come from recommendations from previous couples. Take it from us, having difficulty choosing between just three really great options you love, is a far better than having only two you’ve never seen or heard before.

3. You’ll find someone niche, if you need it

Planning on a flashback to your favourite era with a 70s inspired wedding disco? Or prefer a house rave wedding with a nod to hip-hop? Whatever your thing is, find someone who will be able to execute your vibe to perfection and avoid it becoming gimmicky. We won’t speak over the mic or play dancefloor games. We get your family and friends up dancing by playing music that you love. And don’t worry, we won’t be embarrassing and call guests up to the dancefloor for the cha cha slide (unless you want us to!) It’s your wedding…not a fairground!

4. You’ll be able to please everyone

Don’t believe it when people say – “play what you want…you can’t please everyone.” A skilled dj knows how to read the crowd and play just the right tunes to keep the dancefloor filled all night. Whether you want to be super specific about your playlist, or leave it up to your dj – by booking us, you’ll be sure to make sure everyone is happy. (We’re not normally ones to brag…but top wedding photographer Laura Babb of Babb Photo rates us ‘awesome’ and puts us in her top 3 killer DJs…we’ll take that any day.) 😉

1O8A1572Photography Credit // Sarah and Darren – The Hendrys // http://thehendrys.co

5. Because apart from a few big birthdays…when will you get to throw a real party like this again?

If music is as important to you as it is to us, do not neglect planning your wedding tunes or the dj who’ll play them.

Marriage is about love but weddings are about parties. And even if you’re having a small intimate wedding…you can still have a brilliant party. Think about the moments you want to remember…not the things you think you need to buy because you saw them on Pinterest or in a wedding magazine, or on someone else’s wedding on a wedding blog.

Stay true to who you as a couple and make your big day about the things you really love.

1O8A9191Photography Credit // Sarah and Darren – The Hendrys // http://thehendrys.co



**Disclaimer** These bloody amazing photos were taken by some seriously brilliant photographers – just to keep it real and honest out here – we did not DJ at these events (but we secretly wish we had!) But when we do play at your wedding, we won’t be held accountable for your dad busting out his special moves on the dancefloor at midnight.