Because dancefloors aren’t there to be stared at…

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Everybody knows music can be the make or break of a wedding party, and there’s nothing worse than a misplaced bout of Justin Bieber, a poorly timed Chaka Khan moment or a premature dose of Duran Duran, is there?

It’s for this reason that Spotify playlists and shuffle functions for your DIY iPod wedding, just won’t cut it when it comes to events bigger than a BBQ in your back garden, especially on your wedding day. Which is why you need to book a great party DJ to take care of the music for you.

Even the very best wedding playlists you’ve found online, won’t compete with a good record slinger who will be able to read the crowd and change tempo according to the moment, but if you are keen to learn how to create a wedding playlist like a pro, we bring you our top tips for doing just that.

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Consider your guests

Although you and your inner circle might be into hardcore house, dub or electro, perhaps tone it down a little for your wedding celebration, eh? Stick to club classics, indie anthems and favourites from days gone by, because as liberal as Auntie Val and Uncle Nigel are, they’ve travelled halfway across the world to spend the day with you and will probably fancy hitting the floor after a couple of vinos. Cater to all types of human and keep your guests happy to ensure a heaving dance floor and a party to remember.

Photography Credit // Kate Jackson //

Kick off with a crowd pleaser

You might be surprised to know that the swaying, spinning and overzealous air guitars can tend to kick off straight after the first dance, so make sure whatever follows your special moment is a banger (especially if your chosen track was a slushy slow’un). Follow on with a classic dancefloor filler you know your mates will love or a family favourite to kick your guests into action and get the party started.

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Keep ‘em guessing

Once you’ve warmed your guests up, don’t play it safe and stick to the same old hits you hear at everyone else’s wedding. Instead, think about those tracks you think your guests will love to hear and mix things up throughout the night. One of the best parties we ever played was at Snap Photography festival; the playlist they shared with us was so varied, but it really worked. Why not ask guests for suggestions ahead of the big day, so they stay on the dancefloor in anticipation of their chosen track? 

Transition well

If there is one thing a great DJ can do with ease, it’s running from one track into another, mixing both seamlessly and effortlessly. We’re not talking just fading in and out of tracks on your wedding playlist, we’re thinking more something like this to keep things ebbing and flowing with that element of surprise.

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Get the guests involved

From anthems and sing-a-longs to choreographed dance moves and family favourites, throw in a dash of Cameo or a sneaky underground garage set into the evening and watch your guests hit the dancefloor! You definitely won’t want your wedding photographer to miss out on this either, so be sure to keep them booked until the very end.

Although you might think your Spotify playlists might do Annie Mac out of a job, save them for the gym or your morning commute and avoid cake cutting to Chris Brown or dining to Drake by booking an experienced wedding DJ.

If you are looking for someone who will listen to what you want whilst ensuring guests are on their feet from start to finish, choose That Event DJ. All we’ll ask you a few easy questions, get to know you a bit and then take it from there.

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