Avoid awkward conversations and neglected decks by opting for someone you don’t know instead

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Although you might think having a mate who is a DJ is a one way ticket to discounted wedding music and perfect playlists, it unfortunately doesn’t always work out that way.

In our experience, hiring a wedding DJ you don’t know can actually make for a much better celebration than when a friend caters to the occasion. It cuts out the difficult task of asking for a quote and it means your friend will get to celebrate with you. It’s a win/win in our eyes.

We have put together 5 reasons why you should always opt for a stranger over a friend when it comes to booking your wedding DJ, just in case you were still in doubt.

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The FOMO will be real

Getting your friend to DJ at your wedding will end up in the both of you missing out. Not only will your DJ friend feel like they can’t relax and enjoy themselves on the night, but you will no doubt want them right there with you on the dance floor as opposed to being hidden behind the music. Opt for someone who won’t be gazing longingly at your revellers from the DJ booth, wishing they were ten glasses down getting low to Sean Paul along with them. Choose a stranger who will be happy to look on instead.

Under pressure

Unfortunately, your DJ friend might feel like they can’t say no, even if they really want to. A pal asking you to play at their wedding can, of course, be an honour, but you have got to remember that they do it for a living, too. Would you want to carry your 9-5 over to the weekend? Probably not. A whole evening of missing out on the celebrations might be too much of an ask, so don’t put the pressure on if they don’t seem keen when you mention it.

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Neglected duties

Although they’ve signed up to play, your friend-come-DJ might forget themselves and have a little too much fun on the night, neglecting the fact they have a pretty pivotal job to do. Avoid your DJ getting distracted by hiring someone who isn’t best mates with most of the guests you’ve invited.

Crowd dis-pleaser

When it comes to music taste, it’s likely you’re mates will favour the same (or at least similar) genres to you, which means they’ll play exactly what you want. Perfect, right? Well, not quite. Weddings parties are made up of all ages and tastes, so your wedding DJ will need to be able to find a happy medium as opposed to recreating last Saturday night or that epic trip to Ibiza back in ‘05.

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Sub par playing

Finally, and most importantly, if your friend is more of a hobbyist and less of a more experienced DJ, avoid suggesting they play or booking them in altogether. It will only get awkward when a Spotify playlist seems much more appealing than their bad track choices and awful transitions…(your friend isn’t a DJ…so they won’t be mixing.)

When it comes to your wedding, don’t be fooled into thinking your DJ friend will be the perfect solution to your wedding disco needs. Everyone knows that music is key to a good celebration, and a good DJ will be able to read your crowd and cater to the masses, so do your research and choose with caution.

If you would rather preserve your friendships and opt for an experienced wedding DJ who is guaranteed to keep the dance floor heaving instead, get in touch with us at That Event DJ to find out more and book today.