What will be your first dance as a married couple? It’s a pretty epic moment. Better make it a good one! 

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Although there are plenty of ways to customise your nuptials, there’s nothing that says more about you as a couple than your first dance song of choice.

You’ll no doubt want to avoid the ones that everyone else chooses, whilst not disrupting the status quo and disappointing grandma. You’re probably looking for something that’ll get your guests all bleary eyed and blubbery whilst also making them want to hit the dancefloor. You’ll want to shock and surprise them whilst keeping it all rather romantic and wistful. Simple, right?

No – it’s not.

But, if you are trying to choose your first dance song and don’t even know where to begin, we can definitely help.

As experienced wedding DJs, we’ve seen it all. So we have put together our top 10 tips to help you find the best first dance song for you.

Tip 1: Write down a list of songs that mean something to you both. Try to think of ones that immediately jump into your head when you think of your other half. They can be the soppy and sentimental ones from the night he proposed, or the dulcet tones of the tracks you mildly recollect from the night you met in an obscure bar in a remote part of Ibiza. Just remember, though, many people will ask for the story behind the song, so be prepared!

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Tip 2: Have a listen to your shared playlists on Spotify. Browse your joint stash of dusty vinyls on display in the spare room. You never know, you might get a whiff of a perfect track you both love. Or you might find one you’ve never even considered before.

Tip 3: Once your list is complete, cherry pick the ones that are appropriate for a wedding – and abandon them. No one likes a predictable first dance.

Tip 4: If you have a wedding theme, why not honour it down to the finer details, including your first dance choice? If your perfect track doesn’t fit the theme, don’t rule out remixes.

Tip 5: Slushy and romantic? Or cool, calm and collected? Listen to the lyrics of your remaining few and think about which one encapsulates you as a couple

Tip 6: Listen to how long the intros are to avoid awkwardly swaying for twenty minutes whilst waiting for the beat to kick in.

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Tip 7: Figure out which of your shortlisted tracks will get people up dancing quite quickly – no one likes a lonely and drawn out first dance where you are practically begging guests to join you on the floor.

Tip 8: Think about which ones will make people cry. Any experienced bride or groom will tell you it’s crucial to have optimum emotion spilled on your big day. We love a good blubber at a wedding!

Tip 9: Whether it’s fast or slow, you’ve got to be able to at least sway without looking like two lost penguins. Whether its arms around the neck or a loosely choreographed something –  practise together in your living room to see which song works best.

Tip 10: Finally, make sure your choice is a timeless one. As much as we don’t favour traditional first dance songs, you need to remember that people will be playing this number at your paper, silver and perhaps even ruby wedding anniversary, and let’s be honest, nobody needs to see their grandma skanking out to Stormzy or doing “first-dancing-it” to Man’s Not Hot.

The best first dance songs we’ve played tend to mean something personal to the newlyweds or their family –  so make sure you go for a track you love (and we mean really love), with lyrics and a sentiment that are personal to you. Make sure it means something to you both and a beat that has the two of you at its core.

We can assure you, the rest will fall into place. But if you’ve still stuck, we have a few playlists that might help:

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Get in touch now and we’ll make sure you’re first dance isn’t your last.

Photography Credit // Shelby Ellis //

**Disclaimer** These bloody amazing photos were taken by some seriously brilliant photographers – just to keep it real and honest out here – we did not DJ at these events (but we secretly wish we had!) But when we do play at your wedding, we won’t be held accountable for your dad busting out his special moves on the dancefloor at midnight.