Photography Credit // Nadine Van Biljon //

It’s the big day. You step out from saying your vows and get whisked away by your wedding photographer to a graffiti wall or quirky doorway to take photographs while the rest of your guests head off to the reception to get started on bubbles and canapés.

You’re grinning like a cheshire cat, digging your other half in the ribs for not smiling like you showed them. The suit looks pristine; the dress looks divine. These are the photos that you’re guaranteed to see for years to come. The ones that sit gathering dust on your great aunt’s mantlepiece. The ones you show your grandkids to demonstrate how respectable you were as a youngster.

But what happens to the real memories?

Photography Credit // Bai and Elle Photography //

The ones made past 9pm, when the pleasantries are out of the way, the oldies have gone to bed, the kids are safely napping under abandoned dinner jackets and the music takes a turn for the better? This is where the wedding magic happens and is the reason you should think twice before letting your photographer leave before last orders.

Instagram hashtags are great. Polaroids are novel. Disposables on tables are fine. But let’s face it, the lighting in most venues is never the best, smart phones and vintage cameras can’t capture a moment like a good DSLR can, and when the music’s right, your guests will be too busy having a good time to remember to capture the moment, so keep your photographer on for a little longer to take care of it for you.

Amelia and David smaller-45 (1)Photography Credit // (Laura Babb) Babb Photo //

Let’s be honest, if your party dj is good enough, the wedding will start to look less like the demure celebration your mum had in mind and more like a wedding rave from around 9.30pm. There will be circles on the dancefloor, with an overzealous groomsman looking to impress his date or a bridesmaid who’s spent all evening on the spritzers in the middle. If she’s doing it right, the bride will have half an empty bottle in one hand, hitching her dress up with the other. If they’re reading your crowd, your wedding dj will have managed to coax all guests to the dancefloor with a dose of Neneh Cherry or Tupac by 11pm for a final hour of fun, without an ounce of Abba or Frank Sinatra in sight (unless that’s your jam, of course…and personally we quite like a bit of Abba after a few gins).


Photography Credit // Matt Badenoch //

Believe it or not, this is where your favourite photographs from the day will be taken. On a packed out floor, filled with everyone you adore, dancing to Bowie’s Modern Love. Heels will have been removed, ties loosened and there is every chance the ladies’ lashes are on their last legs. These are the people you invited to your wedding in all their good time glory and it’s the moments shared with them, well into the night, that you will want to treasure the most – not the photo of you both grinning inanely cutting a three tiered wedding cake with a blunt sword. It’s the laughs shared between friends, the special moments captured between you and your newlywed and the spectacular dance moves reserved by your grandad for only the most special of family occasions that you’ll want to look back on.

Photography Credit // Bai and Elle //

Photography Credit // Nadine Van Biljon //

So if you want to remember the time your uncle took part in a dance off with your best mate, or when your whole wedding party attempted to nail Cameo half cut, pay your photographer to stay until the very end, because when you’re caught in a haze of kisses, thank yous and a wealth of other distractions that come with a wedding day, you won’t have to worry about missing the very best bits. Your wedding dj will have created them and your wedding photographer will have captured them all for you. (Including that moment you crowd-surfed across the dancefloor in your wedding dress.)

Photography Credit // (Laura Babb) Babb Photo //

Everyone knows music can make or break a wedding, so if you are looking for tracks that are guaranteed to provide you with a late night photo opportunity or two, get in touch with us by clicking here. We’ll help you bring the party vibe to your wedding.

**Disclaimer** These bloody amazing photos were taken by some seriously brilliant photographers – just to keep it real and honest out here – we did not DJ at these events (but we secretly wish we had!) But when we do play at your wedding, we won’t be held accountable for your dad busting out his special moves on the dancefloor at midnight.